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Start Promoting Your Business with Us

Visitors can access all kind of information about your business and submit their reviews. You can create different packages and manage all of your listings, edit your informations, or add daily menus or personalized details.

You can check more details about the service, and feel free to call us if you need to know more or in depth how it works !

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   0707 90 90 90, is a repository for some of the best restaurants in Morocco, our goal is to give a clear idea for the visit about what they can expect from the establishment they’re planing to go to, and avoid the disappointment, visitors can write in their reviews about the services, staff and the food, and to some of infamous or underdog smaller places to shine out and let people check their gallery, menu, prices, booking a table.


What is ?

The site is a repository of selected and some of the best restaurants in the country, visitors can discover places near by, whether it's restaurants, bars, pubs etc, giving them a wide range of selection according to the city, theme or category of the establishment, and even being in the restaurant before even being there trough virtual immersive visits

What are the features included in the plan ?

There's many features available, according to the plan you selected, can be a panoramic 360º virtual visit giving people an immersive experience, witch can be even animated or include an explanatory video about the place, basic informations like your contact informations, website, phone number or social media, to your menu and prices, theme and capacity, or even booking a table in your restaurant, with the option to manage everything yourself, change descriptions and details yourself from your own administration panel.

where can I access the informations ?

the site is optimized for mobile and tablet view, also a dedicated mobile app for both iOS and android are on the work, and offline, printed catalogue will be available in the near future that you can get for free from out partners